To see an affluent, peaceful and developed society that taking their rights


“To support and aware the communities for getting their rights & development focusing women and marginalized and neglected population”


The fundamental premise of SUPPORT Foundation is that women and men who are conventionally termed as poor have the economic and human capacity as well as the moral right to actively participate in the development process that affects them and to identify their own development priorities. Aims and goal of SF are;  Promote respect and adherence of human rights/SDGs and democracy;  Creates awareness and support for justice of deprived people from all segment of society.  Engaging in advocacy in concrete cases of human rights violations, and protecting human rights defenders;  Intervening in cases of torture, and all forms of custodial abuses and state excesses, such as extrajudicial executions and disappearances;  Paying special attention to vulnerable groups, such as women, children, minorities, and indigenous people, so as to ensure their protection
 Serve as a catalyst to the Women Organizations in their efforts, to empower the marginalized women folk.
 Respond to emergencies, early recovery and continuous support to communities in bringing life back to normal after emergency.
 Promote public awareness in the field of legal/human rights/SDGs and education
 Publish articles through social media and various publications on legal education, society and human rights.